Behind the Artist

On Monday I spent the day with artist Charlotte Posner documenting her hectic life as a freelance artist. With the phenomena of social media it’s now possible for artists and creatives to easily share their work with the world and for people to feel closer than ever to the creative process. But how much does social media really show us? There’s so many Instagram accounts that show people’s ‘lives’ and they look amazing; spending days in coffee shops, eating out, travelling. This project is the whole thing, documenting a whole life and showing the hard work it takes to be successful. It’s behind the scenes, its raw, it’s unfiltered.
If you don’t already, following Charlotte on Instagram and Facebook.
After a 7am start at the gym we headed to a hair appointment. Even while getting a blow dry Charlotte was working sending e-mails, making phone calls.
Back at Charlottes home studio to get changed and pick up some artwork before heading to film for Macmillan.
On the way we called in to Charlottes family interior business to pick up some more artwork that had been delivered there and prepare packaging for painting that have sold online and needed sending out.
More multitasking as we met another artist Natascha Applebaum at the carwash before heading to the studio.
After getting the cars done it was off to the studio. Charlotte and Natascha are part of some new minute long videos Macmillan are producing to discuss the role of friendship during cancer treatment. Natascha’s cancer free now but still going through chemotherapy and during the day they talked about times when it was rough and how important the friendship was. It was obviously emotional discussing it but there was also a really positive atmosphere the whole time we were there.
Just round the corner from the studio we were filming at is Cardonet IT services which commissioned Charlotte to paint artwork for their offices. She took us in to have a look at her work.
This is just one day in Charlottes life. A snapshot of the life of an artist. More to come…

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